Drying to minimise moisture content and compression to the same density as hardwood allows Envirofuel briquettes to burn hotter releasing heat faster to warm your home.


Envirofuel briquettes stack neatly without the bark, dust, mould and dirt that come with wood. They burn cleanly and minimise creosote in your chimney and staining on glass doors.


Better for the environment and convenient, Envirofuel briquettes are available in individual packs or pallet-lots and are as affordable as timber without the mess.


Made from 100% natural tea tree biomass after the essential oil has been extracted all raw materials used are locally sourced from close to the factory making Envirofuel briquettes a sustainable choice for home heating.

 Envirofuel Australia Briquettes

P1100452.JPGAustralia produces 800,000 Kg of pure Australian tea tree oil annually. This is steam distilled from the leaves & twigs of a native Australian tree, Melaleuca alternifolia, which is grown in plantations with 33,000 trees per hectare. The plantations are harvested annually with the biomass cut at ground level, finely chopped and then transferred to sealed stainless steel bins where steam is introduced to gently extract and separate the tea tree oil.

Once harvested the trees coppice (regrow) from the cut stump and are ready for harvesting again in 12 months. The oldest known plantation was harvested for the 37th successive year in 2016.

20160331_115204.jpgThe Envirofuel Briquette

A briquette is 15 cm x 6.5 cm x 8.5 cm high with a weight of 0.785 Kg, a density of 1520 Kg/M3 as and a constant moisture content of 10%. The energy value is 17.62 MJ/Kg or 4208 Kcal/Kg.

Each briquette burns for up to 2 hours and, due to the low moisture content, yield more heat faster.

This is comparable to most Australian Hardwoods without the mess, insects, bark and environmental impact hardwood harvesting has. It is all done using a carbon neutral and totally renewable resource. Because Envirofuel Briquettes are uniform packaging and delivery is far easier.

Envirofuel briquettes with their high energy value and even, long burn time make an ideal, convenient and cost-effective alternative to hardwood.

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